First post

So here it goes, traditionally useless bunch of words to start and test things up; or, as in this case, a bit of meta information. This site is a fairly standard static blog, compiled by Metalsmith from a pile of markdown files supervised, synced and deployed by Git (which I also use to infer metadata via custom Metalsmith plugin).

The theme is an effect of some random hacking to make something more-less in the wireframish style of my landing page and corresponding to my seven-pointed avatar. It started around simple grids in elliptic coordinates, yet evolved into a spiral rosette; I wouldn’t ever guess elliptic coords can do that. The background is implemented as an SVG procedurally generated by JavaScript on a client machine; the star in the centre is a static SVG, though, maybe because the path code it is shorter than the code that makes it, and partially for folks with JS turned off. Love you too. Tracking is limited to what your browser will leave in my webserver logs.

Finally, content; I’m a scientist working for a supercomputing centre on machine learning and computational modelling, so I plan to write a bit about my research, possibly in a light and useful manner (hopefully without standard “research blog” bullshit like Our Best in The World University made Astonishing Breakthrough in a Crucial Area which is actually irrelevant, negligible, redundant and did not really happened or here is my awkward summary of a paper which those 5 people interested in that particular obscure topic should better read directly or especially all controls are 8 sigma better than what my advisor made me research, consequently my life is a disaster). Maybe you’ll find a description of some particularly non-obvious technical hacks, in case I’ll manage to produce such.

Later: Cardboard container.

CC-BY mbq, written 12-6-2015, last revised 28-7-2018.