Eight legs still

While certain Git hosting company apparently lost buoyancy and started a steep descent into the bottomless depths of the ocean of evil, it was high time to evacuate my open-source assets. Their new home is NotABug, a pretty niche site, but with a rock-solid business model – values 😉.

Regardless, getting URLs right again on CRAN essentially forced me to do some long-due upgrades; and so Boruta is now 6.0 with some new adapters, fixes and a decent quick start guide, while rFerns reached 3.0 by finally getting parallel training with OpenMP. praznik, rtape and rethinker are somewhat lagging behind, but still in the works.

On the other hand, certain pastebin also sunk, hence this blog also needed a refresh; now all codes-to-reproduce are hosted together with posts. The rest of stuff from there is now here. Obviously, touching the blog engine immediately ended up in a total rewrite – not it is no longer Metalsmith, but rather 200 lines of custom JS which links gray-matter, marked, highlight.js and KaTeX in a single pipeline, which also allowed me to drop some old hacks.

So, that’s it; I sure hope this won’t be a front page for long…

PS. Yes, I know octopuses have arms, but that was an octo-cat, surely a leg-possessing member of Mythicalbestiae.

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CC-BY mbq, written 28-7-2018.